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Best Resorts in & around Coorg

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✅ Devs Village Resort
✅ Jungle in
✅ Nitara homestay
✅ Veera Bhoomi resort
✅ Coorg cliffs Resort

Our Top Resorts for your perfect getaway Experience

1. Devs Village Resort

Starting from ₹ 3000 + Taxes (per head)


Best Resort In Shanivarasanthe with Memorable Experiences Coorg is a mecca for wandering souls, bird watching enthusiasts, and trekkers. Walking through the coffee plantations in the midst of morning sunrays and fog has become a must-do activity here.

Coorg is a quintessential destination for honeymoon celebrating couples and to witness the region in its full glory one has to visit Coorg during Monsoon.


We will help you experience Coorg life in its true sense. From living among the residents to eating authentic delicacies you are sure to walk home with memories and wonderful moments. A resort is a self-contained destination that can provide for all of your travel needs in one location.

2. Jungle IN

Starting from ₹ 2400 + Taxes (per head)


Jungle Inn offers a choice between Double Rooms, Swiss Tented Cottages, and Family rooms. All styles of accommodation come with en suite bathrooms. For a great vantage point and a space to soak in the outdoors, each room has access to a veranda area. Amenities include complimentary toiletries and housekeeping on request. Located on the northern fringes of Nagarahole National Park (a.k.a Rajiv Gandhi National Park) Jungle Inn is just a few meters away from the main entrance to the National Park.


Starting from ₹ 2000 + Taxes (per head)


A delightful home set within a family owned working coffee plantation, it is an ideal place to stay while exploring Coorg and its surroundings. The calm, serene environment of the plantation allows you to relax and get your mind off the rest of the world! Take a walk through the estate and breathe the fresh mountain air & taste the fresh blend of fine coffee produced from our very own coffee garden.es.

4. Veera Bhoomi resort

Starting from ₹ 1550 + Taxes (per head)


Kodagu is popularly known as “the land of warriors”. Coorg consistently contributes a lot to the national army even today. In the cultural memory of such brave soldiers and rich customs, we traditionally started Veerabhoomi for the willing people who travel to Coorg. So that they vicariously experience the historical customs of the land. Since 2003, Veerabhoomi tourist village was registered under a private limited.agalur.

5.Coorg Cliffs Resort

Starting from ₹ 12800 + Taxes (per head)

The road to Coorg Cliffs Resort meanders through stretches of paddy fields and anonymous hamlets, past banana, cardamom and wild black pepper, areca nut and coffee plantations.

A mild chill permeates the fragrant air as the road begins to climb the eastern slopes of the Western Ghats, embraced by dense, dry deciduous and evergreen forests. As the resort draws near, the views open out to coffee and spice plantations, fruit orchards and vegetable patches. 

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