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Weekend Getaway from Hyderabad

The city of Nizams, Hyderabad is a historically famous place. Very much known for the Special Hyderabadi Biryani, it is the fourth most important city in India.

Contributing to its rich history, Hyderabad is almost 400 years old.

Through its cuisine, architecture, and jewelry, Hyderabad has attracted tourists from all over the world.

A city of rich history and a fresh lifestyle, Hyderabad is worth a visit.

If you have already visited the Chaar Minar, Nizam’s museum and palaces, we have some top weekend getaway destinations.

Long or short, Hyderabad has wide options for weekend getaways for refreshing holidays.

The Pearl city of Hyderabad has all types of holiday destinations, all set for you. Pack your bags and take a drive, you will be amazed.

From adventure to spiritual to just chilling, any mood of yours can be pumped up from these weekend getaways.

Every place has its rare specialty. According to their geographical advantages, many sites are more attractive during a specific time of the year.

Weekend getaway from Hyderabad will guide you for the best experience for any genre of holiday package you wish to have.

It also depends on the time you can give on weekends, here we have equally distributed destinations near Hyderabad according to the distance.


Weekend getaways from Hyderabad within 200km


A list of destinations for small weekends and limited budgets. Here we have the list for you that can lift your spirit and give you energy for the hectic days in the city.


  • Bidar

Bidar Tourism (2022) - Karnataka > Top Places, Travel Guide | Holidify

Location: 146km from Hyderabad

Time to reach: 3h 4min

Best time to visit: March to October

Bidar is a most known weekend getaway for its architectural, religious, and historical factors.

Some of the attractions at Bidar include temples, tombs, mosques, and also handicrafts very rare from the ones found in Hyderabad.

Bidar is a very religious as well as peaceful spot for weekends.

By the Archeological Survey Of India, 61 monuments are listed in Bidar and around 30 tombs are in and around Bidar which explains the nickname “ City of Whispering Monuments”.

Here, we have some famous and must-visit places in Bidar for your short weekend trip from Hyderabad.

Bidar Fort is a very photogenic location. The ruins of the fort which have been standing for almost 500 years will polish your social media reputation.

This fort is bigger than anyone can imagine. This fort has a royal palace and citadel. Along with a museum of armor and royal artifacts, Bidar fort has 5 gateways for entries.

Inside the fort, one can explore more to many other locations for a good experience in Bidar.

Just inside the fort’s borders only explore more to the Takht Mahal, Rangeen Mahal, Tarkash Mahal, Gagan Mahal, and Solah Khamba Mosque.

Bidar also has a very known Gurudwara, called Gurudwara Nanak Jhira Sahib making it a religious spot for Sikhs.

Bidar also has other religious spots for your weekend plans. If you are visiting with the elders of your family then do take them to visit these.

As we have already listed the Gurudwara, the Solah Khamba Mosque there is Narasimha Jhira Cave temple which also falls in the category of your weekend visit from Hyderabad.

Later when done with the man-made arts, take a drive within Nature. Visit Honnikeri Reserve Forest and Vilaspur Lake for some fresh natural air.

Away from the city pollution, a weekend escape from Hyderabad between the greenery is mind refreshing.

A unique experience to witness the wandering blackbucks, peacocks, and many more.

Take the safari package and take the tour on the four wheels. If one wishes to trek, then climb the Bidar hills and catch many bird species on the top.

Bird watching is mostly active during Winter, so visit during that time to have a better experience.

Also when going on a small budget, grab the best bite of Dosas at Jyothi Udupi at a reasonable price.

Enjoy the best of Bidar in WInters and post-monsoon season and explore the historical and artistic version of the city. A perfect weekend getaway from Hyderabad for family and couples are here at Bidar.


  • Nagarjuna Sagar Dam

Water to be released from Nagarjunasagar dam soon

Location: 153km From Hyderabad

Time to reach: 3h 17min

Best time to visit: August to February

Situated so close to Hyderabad, Nagarjuna Sagar Dam is the best location for your anti-social weekend.

Suited for the one day trip from Hyderabad, one can adore the inclusive view of the world’s tallest dam.

The dam is open around the monsoon season for the tourists.

Nagarjuna is popular for its 124m high dam and isolated Nagarjunakonda.

Nagarjunakonda is a historic town. Known for the Buddhist sites, Nagarjunakonda once was a site full of monasteries and universities.

When the dam was constructed on the Krishna river, the site was submerged but now you can reach it by boat.

The site is now located on the Nagarjuna hills along with a museum that managed to ensemble the archeological evidence. 

Many Buddhist, Hindu, and Greco-Roman artifacts are found and stored.

Nagarjuna Sagar Dam is a dam made mostly by stone and bricks on the Krishna river. A weekend away from the Hyderabad city until this dam is refreshing and worth your time.


  • Warangal

20 Places to Visit in Warangal, Tourist Places & Top Attractions

Location: 148km North-East from Hyderabad

Time to reach: 3h3min

Best Time to visit: October to March

The second most populous city in the state of Telangana. Warangal was ruled by the Kakatiya dynasty. It is an ancient and fascinating city.

Also known by the name of Oru Kallu, meaning ‘a single stone’.

This city will take you to a different timeline. With the beautiful architecture and sculptures all over the place, you will be astonished by the place.

Locals of this city believe that the whole city was made by a single rock in the medieval era.

Planning for a drive till Warangal, en route visit Bhongir fort, jangaon, a jain temple of Kolanupaka and Pembarti.

When focusing on the city only, visit Warangal Fort.  The fort is a ruin now but it still reflects the grandeur of the Kakatiya dynasty. The main attractions are the four ornamental gates.

The architectural preeminence of the dynasty is still represented by the walls, cannons, and Darbar halls.

A weekend getaway from Hyderabad to Warangal Fort is a tour of the medieval era.

Another place to visit at Warangal on your weekend trip from Hyderabad is the Thousand Pillar Temple.

A marvelous example of the architecture made by the Kakatiyan kings. The temple is constructed following the style of Chalukyan architecture.

The main eye-catching parts of this temple are the designed pillars, carved icons, and elephant rock-cut designs.

Pay your visit to the temple and be amazed by the architecture. Also pay your tribute to the three gods inside the temple- Lord Shiva, Lord Surya, and Lord Vishnu. 

The three lords under one roof will give you positive vibes for the whole week. Spend your weekend here for some fresh and spiritual vibes.

Another pilgrimage stop in the weekend plan of yours must be the Bhadrakali Temple. Apart from the spiritual touch this place also has natural surroundings.

Enjoy the sweet breeze and worship the Goddess Kalli in her majestic form. The temple has a mythical form of Goddess which is known by the people for a long time.

Many tourists find the temple worth a visit and glance at the architecture and environment of the temple.

On the other hand, embrace the natural part of Warangal. When planning a weekend plan from the city, visit Laknavaram lake, one of the most attractive lakes.

It has been a picnic spot for many tourists. The long hanging bridge is 160 meters long and joins three islands. The beauty of the lake is very well measured by the bridge.

The mountain ranges, pleasant water sources, and greenery make it a perfect picnic spot for your family and friends.

You can also enjoy the boat rides in the lake with all the safety measures. Spend your weekend in the lap of nature.

And when in Warangal, also visit the oldest Eturnagaram wildlife sanctuary. Hyderabad government has declared it a sanctuary because of the rich biodiversity.

Visit the sanctuary between October and April for the natural best. This sanctuary is equally divided into natural and man-made beauty.

The area is a little far from the city of Warangal so that one can enjoy a nature walk through the dense forest of the sanctuary.

But be careful, as the forest is home to many reptiles, mammals and carnivores beings.

Eye witness the man-made lake and the Godavari river passing through the sanctuary. The natural beauty of the forest will lighten your spirit.


  • Karimnagar

Karimnagar Tourism (2022): Best of Karimnagar, India - Tripadvisor

Location: 164 km from Hyderabad

Time to reach: 3h15min

Best time to reach: Winter season

Famous for the silver Filigree handicrafts and jewelry, this is a family place. Take a drive from Hyderabad to Karimnagar with family and witness several excavations leading back to the ancient times.

This spectacular city of Telangana is influenced by Telugu and Persian cultures. The architecture and history of this place go back to the Vedic period.

When planning a road trip to Karimnagar, put some of the famous sites on your list.

Starting with the Gandhi centenary Museum, located in the heart of the city. This museum is worth a visit. Take your time out and look up to all the knowledge you will gain here.

Under the supervision of the Department of Heritage Telangana, this museum is the collection of many interesting artifacts.

The Hyderabad Nizam and their ammunition will take you close to the history of the state. It will keep you engaged for the whole day at Karimnagar.

Other popular tourist destinations are the Elagandal Fort, a must-visit for travelers. Taking back in time, this fort is at the hilltop narrating the fame of the past.

The walls of the fort still hold the mark of the past and the five dynasties that ruled over time.

A weekend getaway from Hyderabad to the history of the state must include the Elagandal Fort mainly by the photographers, archeologists, or any tourist interested in history.

Now, looking for some natural action then we have some of the fun locations for your weekend.

Visit the Mathani Reserve forest, Deer Park, Mallareddypet Waterfall, and The Crocodile reservation park for some relaxation and natural bliss.

  • Mahbubnagar

mahabubnagar City town view - YouTube

Location: 134km from Hyderabad

Time to reach: 2h53min

Best time to visit: December to February

Named after a Nizam of Hyderabad, Mahabubnagar is truly the perfect weekend getaway from Hyderabad.

This town is known for its ancient and religious sites. This town is a very suitable picnic spot for family and friends.

Many eco-friendly sites and sightseeing sites make it a perfect weekend spot away from Hyderabad.

Create new taste buds for Telugu cuisine on the way from Hyderabad. On the roads of Mahbubnagar, take the stop for spicy and different kinds of food including the sweets.

From natural reservoirs to ancient temples, this city has plans for each member of your family.

Visit the ancient places in and around the city. A whole weekend can be spent here with sightseeing and exploring.

Start your day early morning, take the first visit to the Koilkonda Fort just 29km from the city.

Take your adventurous self to the hilltop fort and capture the view. The entrance of the fort comes when you cross the 7 gates, sounds exciting!

You can see the fort from the main road as well but don’t pull back if you find it vacant and quiet because it has lots of exciting climbs for you.

The climb through uneven rock stairs and bushes will be enjoyable till you reach the fort. The climb might take some time but when you reach the top, you will forget the efforts and just the clear air.

From the fort, you can also see the Koilsagar dam and the greenery of the outskirts.

A religious getaway here is the Sri Ramkonda Temple, a legendary temple. The legends take us back to the Ramayana times.

It is known that Rama, Sita, and Lakshmana rested on a particular rock and still the footprints of Rama are found and prayed by many saints.

The rocks around the temple are the meditation point for many sages. This temple is quite ancient and holy.

The temple is also famous for the ayurvedic plants found and cured by people. The natural medicines have attracted many tourists and made this temple even more famous.

There are plenty of picnic spots from Hyderabad, one of them is the Mayuri Hatha Vanam in Mahbubnagar.

This eco-park is a natural escape from the city. Visit here with your family to embrace the greenery and beauty of the park.

A trip to this park can be enjoyable and relaxing.

On your next stop, set the foot to the ‘Big lake’ or Pedda Cheruvu. Another picnic spot for a family. It is a natural lake spread over 98acres.

A long drive to the lake can be romantic and worth a visit.

With some snacks and music, visit the lake for a beautiful evening.

A mother nature’s gift given to the people planning their weekend to Mahbubnagar is the ancient banyan tree known as Pillalamarri.

A 700 years old Banyan tree is majestic. It is a major tourist attraction.

Along with the tree, when planning for a weekend trip here one can visit the Shiva temple, an archeological museum, a mini zoo, and also an aquarium.

A historic location just 25km from Mahbubnagar is the Khilla Ghanpur.  A fun weekend destination, this is an ancient hilltop fort.

The fort has several temples, caves, and ponds. It is a great location for exploring and even many swim in the ponds.

The hills around the fort attract many trekkers as well.

The fort is very picturesque. The architecture and the view are the worthy reasons to visit the fort at least once in your lifetime.


Weekend Getaway from Hyderabad within 300km

Here we have a list for a whole weekend. Either plan for 2 or 3 days holidays, these destinations will make the perfect weekend getaway from Hyderabad.

All the destinations mentioned have all types of public transportations accessible. Pack your bags and book yourself for a weekend away from Hyderabad.


  • Kurnool

Kurnool Fort - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with Photos)

Location: 213km to the south of Hyderabad

Time to reach: 2h55min

Best time to visit: December to February

Settled along the Tungabhadra river, Kurnool has a strong historical mark in the state of Andra Pradesh.

Kurnool has left imprints from all the ages. Starting from the Arabic scripts to medieval time built forts, Kurnool has a rich history for your weekend plans.

This beautiful city near Hyderabad is famous for the Belum Caves, the second largest caves in India.

The caves are the largest ones in the Indian subcontinent and open to the public.

It’s not just an ordinary cave, under this cave, there are long passages, galleries, and freshwater streams.

Over a million years, these caves are formed by limestone. The caves are the most unique destination for a tourist. On your weekend these caves can make you lost for good.

Numerous pathways of the cave will take you to water steams.

The cave explored by the geologist is around three and a half kilometers whereas, for the tourist, only a kilometer and half are open for tourists.

An exploration through a cave as old as a million years is as adventurous as it sounds. A rare activity for your weekend getaway from Hyderabad to Kurnool.

A spiritual getaway for your family at Kurnool, Yaganti Temple. A very famous Shiva temple from the Vijayanagara era and 15th century.

One can see the real celebration of Maha Shivratri here in October or November. The divine statue of Shiva and Paravati is carved over one stone and is the marvelous idol.

One of the known beliefs of this temple is the Nandi idol in the temple. Many people believe that the idol is increasing in size every 20years.

The interior of the temple has remarkable architecture. Starting with the small pond of water called Pushkarini. The water flowing to the center is fresh and sweet as it comes from the hills.

It is known that sage Agastya bathed in the pond and worshipped Lord Shiva. Agastya cave is also found in the temple, one can climb 120 stairs to enter the cave.

A temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is the must-visit for the spiritual peace and the architectural wonder.

A walk into the ecosystem and nature can be beneficial at the Rollapadu Wildlife Sanctuary, as one can spot the endangered Great Indian Bustard.

The sanctuary is the perfect spot for nature lovers and the ones tired with city life and pollution.

Rollapadu is a mixed forest with agricultural land. Also, a wide variety of faunas can be witnessed by tourists.

Many species are protected and preserved here.

The village nearby has the water reservoir for the forest and the beings. Do visit the villages and hear their life experience in the middle of nowhere.


  • Srisailam

Sevas And Darshanam | Srisaila Devasthanam Darshanam | Srisaila Devasthanam Sevas

Location: 213km in Kurnool district.

Time to reach: 2h55min

Best time to visit: November to March

The accurate location will be the heart of the Nallamala forest, on the banks of Krishna River.

On a weekend trip from Hyderabad, embrace this religious and ancient city.

The home of the holy Mallikarjuna Jyotirlinga and also the home of the eighth Shaktilings of Goddess Parvati.

It is a favorite destination for the pilgrimage. Visit the majestic Mallikarjuna Jyotirlingacenter or Srisailam temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and Paravati on your weekend trip from Hyderabad.

The temple was made during the Vijayanagara period, with several pillars and mandapas.

A long historical and religious background this temple is a must-visit from Hyderabad.

The most popular destinations of Telangana are the temples but apart then just temples, one can also visit the Srisailam Dam built on the Krishna river.

Seize the beauty of the dam along with the greenery of Nallamala hills. The deep gorges and canyons surrounded by forest and scenery this place is a home in nature’s lap.

This dam is also a very important source of Hydroelectricity.

Take a drive to the dam and settle your camp. Go on a drive during your weekend in Srisailam from Hyderabad.

The dam is the largest in south India and next comes the largest Tiger reserve for your weekend getaway from Hyderabad.

Srisailam Tiger Reserve is 3568 acres, including the Srisailam dam. This is the largest tiger reserve for your weekend.

During your weekend trip from Hyderabad, this tiger reserve is perfect for sightseeing. Apart from tigers, you can also spot the sloth bear, leopard, blackbuck, Sambar deer, and many more.

The reserve is home for many reptiles as well such as crocodiles, pythons, and king cobra.

There are high varieties of flora and fauna that can attract a tourist but apart from sightseeing, one can also go trekking, forest exploration and climbing in the dense Nallamala forest.

Set your camp in the nearby village and explore the lush green area with precautions.

When it comes to exploring, do not stop at the reserve, take a drive a little further to the Akkamahadevi caves, a natural wonder.

Just 10km away from the city center, the caves have existed for more than a million years. A must-visit for the wayfarers and explorers.

The main attraction of these caves is the deep down located Shiva Lingam. A religious destination for tourists, dedicated to Lord Shiva.

The caves are also attractive because of the breathtaking view of Nallamala ranges across the Eastern ghats section.

Even though there are many rock-cut caves around for exploring but Akkamahadevi Caves are way more enchanting.

For reaching the caves, the route is impressive through the water of Krishna river. Take a boat ride till the caves that might take an hour or some but it will be the calmest ride one can ever have.


  • Guntur

Guntur morphs from a regular old small town into a runaway city as the new capital of Andhra Pradesh, Amaravati, grows - Telegraph India

Location: 267km on the eastern coast

Time to reach: 4h5min

Best time to visit: September to February

A weekend getaway from Hyderabad trip to the ‘Land of Chillies’ will give you chills.

Famous for the chili market, Guntur is also an industrial and business hub.

But what attracts the tourists mostly are the natural conservation parks, forts, museums, caves, and many other things.

One can go sightseeing, shopping, exploration, and amazing locations for being amazed.

One of the must-visit sightseeing locations is the Uppalapadu Nature Conservation is a family place with a soothing environment.

It is home to numerous birds. One can spot many endangered bird species here. Take a closer look for some rare species of migratory birds as well.

The hotspot at this place is the water tank where one can observe painted stork and spot-blinded pelicans. 

Another nature-loving hilltop place is the Nagarjuna dam, for scenic beauty and break from the city pollution.

Looking for fusion? If yes then visit the Kondaveedu Fort.

This fort is the best example of history and nature altogether, set for your weekend from Hyderabad.

This is an ancient hill fortress and also a UNESCO world heritage site.

A weekend getaway from Hyderabad to Guntur can be extended a little west. Take a drive 16miles west from the city and experience this special location.

Tourists often make this fort under their list of must-visit because of the trek that can be done to reach all the temples on the way and also the viewpoints.

There are three forts at the hill points and the strongest in the region. The forts are in ruins and it looks like in the shape of an equilateral triangle from the southeast side of Kondaveedu village.

Within the fort, one can notice both temple and mosque which makes this fort even more beautiful and a weekend destination from Hyderabad.

If still thinking about picturesque views then your next destination should be Kotappakonda hills.

These are the holy hills near Hyderabad. The popular three peaks of the hills are known by the three supremes of Hindu Mythology.

These hills attract lots of pilgrims every year, reporting at these hills will make your weekend spiritual and fresh.

The famous hill is the Vishnu Shikaram, which has a famous temple and a holy pond.

Another famous hill is the Brahma Shikaram which also attracts tourists because of the holy Trikoteswara Swamy temple.

The old temple of Kotayya temple situated on the Rudra Shikaram has an interesting story for you.

All these three hills can be seen clearly by Trikuta hills. From a distance, the three hills dedicated to the supremes can be witnessed.

Plan a trip to these hills for amazing online stories and pay your tribute to the hilltop temples.

When still in Guntur, visit ‘The Auspicious Hills’ or Mangalagiri. The top 8 holy destinations of India are located here.

Going back to the Kalinga dynasty in the 14th century Mangalagiri is the most historical city.

Lots of evidence of ancient architecture are found not just in the form of temples but also in rock-cut caves.

On the hills, there are three Narasimha Swamy Temples. Also, the Lakshmi Narasimha temple is in abode to Lord Vishnu.

Despite the ancient temples, one can visit the ancient Caves of Undavalli. These caves have a history of Buddhist monks’ residences.

The caves have lots of cravings that can amaze anyone. From Hyderabad, there are plenty of caves worth visiting on weekends and this is one of them.

This cave is huge with lots of sculptures of Vishnu and Buddhist art. There are multiple caves within a big cave.

Gupta architecture can be noticed by the officials.

All the sculptures and art makes these caves mesmerizing but the surrounding is also gorgeous.

The cave circled by nature. The Krishna river can also be spotted from the caves and the eye relaxing greenery.

  • Gulbarga

Gulbarga Fort - Where History and Culture Comes Alive

Location: 231km west to Hyderabad

Time to reach: 3h52min

Best time to visit: October to March

A part of Nizam’s dynasty, Gulbarg will take you back in a time of royalty. Giving you a glimpse of the time through architecture and rejuvenating locations.

Hyderabad being the Nizam dynasty’s main location has many locations like Gulbarg that can give us a mild idea of the power of the rulers at that time.

The Islamic architect is the most renowned form of architecture in Indian history. Along with the architecture, art and calligraphy make it more known and pretty.

A balanced composition of Hindu and Muslim architecture makes this place more serene and extraordinary.

The mosques, temples, and forts are the main attractions for tourists during their weekend getaway from Hyderabad.

Gulbarga is also known as the ‘The Centre of Sufism in South India’.

Along with many religious places to visit, the must-visit is the fort. The Gulbarga Fort built in the 12th century is the symbol left by the Brahmini dynasty.

The architecture is inspired by Persian architecture which is more famous in central Asia.

The fort is located on a plateau of the black cotton soil type.

The beautiful architecture of the fort can hold your plans for a whole day. The spaces inside the fort are suitable for picnics with family or friends.

The Jama Masjid inside the fort is worth a visit. Without a doubt, it is the first mosque in South India. For history lovers, this fort can be the best location to visit during the weekends.

When in the land of Sufismsufism, do visit the tomb of the Sufi saint Syed Mohammad Gesu Daraz, known as the Khwaja Bande Nawaz Dargah on your weekend trip.

A beautiful example of Persian architecture, there is also a library with a vast collection of Persian, Urdu, and Arabic books. This makes it the most visited place in Gulbarga and also from Hyderabad.

The Dargah holds many beliefs and welcomes everyone who wishes to enter regardless of religion.

The amazing fact about Gulbarga is that everyone from any corner of the world is welcomed here.

Anyone from any background and pay their tribute to various religious destinations.

A known place is the Buddha Vihar, the most peaceful place one can find.

The Buddhist pilgrimage center was inaugurated by the spiritual leader, Dalai Lama. The peace here can be only found in the morning or evening, so keep in mind that you can only visit before12 noon and 4 pm every day.

The white exterior of the building might interest you but the main interesting part of the Vihar is the golden idol inside the temple.

The beautiful sculpture of Lord Budhha will make the whole weekend special. Along with the main room, there is also a guesthouse and auditorium.

When filled with all the positivity by visiting the pilgrimage and spiritual places, turn your drive to the Chandrampalli dam.

For a break in nature, plan a picnic with your family or friends. This dam is surrounded by the forest which makes it a must-visit the weekend place.

One can also walk or drive on a broad pathway. This dam is one of the primary dams constructed on the bed of River Bhima.

The dam is perfect for an escape from the world and to enjoy some time in exile. The area around the dam is kinda deserted so that tourists can enjoy nature.


  • Mantralayam

Mantralayam Tourism | Raghavendra Swamy Temple & Travel Guide to Mantralayam

Location: 276km south from Hyderabad

Time to reach: 5h28min

Best time to visit: October to March

Planning a two day trip with the family? If yes, get ready for the pilgrimage center of Kurnool district.

In a two or three-day weekend trip from Hyderabad, you can reach Mantralayam and explore all.

It is located on the banks of river Tungabhadra near the state borders.

This small town is known for the burial place of Guru Raghavendra swami.

The flock of tourists and saints visit this place to see the Vrindavana that is the burial.

The main attractions are the temples and some parts of the year are worth a visit. There are plenty of hotels, lodges, and homestays that can make the stay in the city easy.

The most visited place here is the Raghavendra Swamy Temple.

The temple or the ‘mutt’ is believed to be the place of residing of Raghavendra Swamy.

The temple is mostly populated by tourists during the evening time at the time of aarti.

The deity is carried on the chariot followed by worshippers chanting the hymns.

After the Darshan of Deity, one can move around and enjoy the blissful environment in peace.

Around the temple, one can also visit the Vedic Pathshala and other temples around it.

Just 20km away there is another temple known as Panchamukhi Anjaneya Temple situated near the river of Tungabhadra.

This is a Hanuman temple which holds religious importance as it is believed that Raghvendra Swamy meditated here for 12 years.

This place holds a lot of belief in people and also attracted tourists by the rock-cut sculpture of Hanuman.

The Anjaneya temple is located on the hilltop giving the view to the tourists. The rock-cut formation and rock formation attracts tourists a lot.


Weekend Getaway from Hyderabad for long trips.

Now here we have the limitless destinations for your weekend. Planning for a holiday is common, but now don’t let the kilometers scare you.

But obviously, it’s not realistic to just pack the bags and aim for a great adventure.

Very basic pieces of information are listed for you and your travel partner for an enthusiastic weekend from Hyderabad.

Plan the weekend away from Hyderabad fearlessly and visit the places we have collected for you:

  • Hampi

  Hampi - Wikipedia 

Location: 377km From Hyderabad

   Best time to visit: October to March

   Types of attraction: Architectural, Adventurous and Heritage


A dwelling gem of Karnataka, Hampi is very much famous for its rich history. Surrounded by beautiful temples, archeological sites, and street market Hampi is very well suitable for a long weekend from Hyderabad.

Known to be in the UNESCO world heritage site, Hampi is the first choice of any tourist.

It attracted adventure seekers, history lovers, and hippies. The ruins of Hampi are famous worldwide because of its history.

The city is surrounded by boulders stones, one can admire the whole city and the geography by climbing.

Looking closely at the beautifully carved temples and monuments one can relate it to the Vijayanagara Empire.

The site has 1,600 monuments and almost all the monuments were built during the Vijayanagara empire.

Some of the architecture here also shows the mixture of Indo-Islamic style along with the Hindu architecture which was noticed by many tourists as well.

The Known place at Hampi which eventually works as a symbol for the tourists is the Vithala Temple. It dates back to the 16th Century.

It has been popular by the stone chariot which is situated inside the temple. A Garuda shrine is the stone-carved chariot located in the courtyard.

The temple is impressively constructed through a large courtyard, arches, and beautiful carvings.

The temple again holds the history of the majestic Vijayanagara empire but the time and the architect of the temple are still unknown.

There is a huge compound outside the temple and also the market which can give you lots of souvenirs to remember Hampi.

And just 2km away, there is an ancient Monkey temple. Climb your way up to the Anjaneya Hills and visit the Yantrodharaka temple or Monkey temple in a cave.

To reach the top of the hill, be ready to climb 570 steps.

This temple serves both nature lovers and religious lovers.

Climbing the steps can be something adventurous you do on your weekend. Visit the Vishnu temple as well which is just 5min from the Monkey temple.

A very interesting place to visit in Hampi is the Hemakuta Hill Monument. It is a temple complex.

It is a perfect place to enjoy sunrise and sunsets.

This hill has the mythological story of Shiva and Pampa, the local girl, also known as Parvati.

It is said that when they decided to marry, this hill was showered by a gold rain, and that’s how the hill got its name because Hema means Gold.

Also, that is the reason why the temples around this hill are dedicated to Lord Shiva.

There are 35 complex temples around the hill and their architecture is also somewhere unique. These temples are the most ancient ones and are still preserved by the government.

When visiting Hampi from Hyderabad, one must visit the hill and take an adventure climb to view the scenery and roam around in the ruins of the temples.

For even just sightseeing, Hampi is very well-preferred for a long weekend from Hyderabad. One can feel the purity of the area and the historical bond. 


  • Lambasingi

Lambasingi Viewpoint, Lambasingi - Best time to visit

Location: 600km east from Hyderabad

Best time to visit: Winters

Type of attraction: Adventure and Natural

Tight on the budget for winters? Don’t worry, enjoy your winters in the Kashmir of Andra Pradesh.

Plan a long weekend in this hill station and experience Kashmir in the South. Walk around in the dense forest and visit coffee and apple plantation sites for a unique experience.

But what pushes the tourists to visit this Kashmir of South is the snowfall. Also known as Korra Bayalu, it is the only village in the South that can beat the heat of Hyderabad.

With the scenic beauty of this hill station, one can enjoy the calmness in their weekend.

Apart from relaxing, there is a surfeit of adventure activities.

A well-planned weekend getaway from Hyderabad in this Kashmir of South can make memories for a lifetime.

Lambasingi, a village in the Visakhapatnam district 1000 meters above sea level is more pleasant than many plain areas near Hyderabad.

Here we have a list of perfect destinations for your weekend. To enjoy the hill station at the fullest, try covering it all.

First, let the place treat you with a heartwarming view. Living in a city like Hyderabad, heaven is where nature is.

Heaven in Lambasingi can be seen in Thajangi Reservoir.

This place is surrounded by hills and a river in the front.

A perfect weekend evening spent near the river and the cool breeze crossing through your hair will make you feel in heaven already.

One can feel the enchantment in the environment, with the mountains in the background and freshwater.

Tourists can also go for boating or it is perfect for picnics as well.

And, when still mesmerized by the water do not leave the beautiful waterfalls. One of the most visited waterfalls is the Yerravaram Waterfall.

An escape from the busy life of Hyderabad, Yerravaram has the most exciting hike and waterfall for your weekend.

The waterfalls are the top interesting place in Lambasingi, with the 10feet in height and 15feet wide is the weekend getaway for the adventure seekers.

From the village at the base, one can hike up through the dense forest to reach the falls.

Camping, trekking, and stargazing are the other preferred activities by the tourists.

The green valley is full of flora and fauna that makes the trek even more happening. After trekking and rock climbing, a whole day will feel like a well-spent day.

Another waterfall for your refreshing weekend getaways from Hyderabad is the Kothapalli Waterfalls.

A very popular picnic spot and the coolest place. It is the calmest and relaxing place to be.

The stream of rocks in the waterfalls makes it an accurate place to just sit and enjoy the music of nature.

Near the waterfalls, one can also visit the strawberry farming and the sellers with fresh and organic strawberries.

The green and natural spots will never stop to amaze you. The next natural step can be Susan Garden. Visit this small and gorgeous garden on your way to Lambasingi.

The garden greets you with yellow flowers and cool winds. The entire garden will hold you for the entire season, at least stay till the sunset and feel blessed by nature.

Now for the adventurous, you, take a bike riding with friends into the misty roads of Lambasingi.

Winter mornings are perfect to enjoy the ride in a foggy environment.

Trekking, camping, and rappelling are the other famous activities done by the tourist on their long weekend trip from Hyderabad or any city.

The Kashmir of South India is as romantic and thrilling as the Kashmir of North. One can have a romantic trip here or just a weekend escape with friends in both winter and summer.


  • Dandeli

Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary A Complete Guide - TheTravelShots

Location: 563km Southwest from Hyderabad

Best time to reach: October to February

Type of attraction: Adventure

An adventurous capital of South India. Dandeli is situated in the Western ghats and at an altitude of 1551ft above sea level.

Dandeli is famous for the vast wildlife, rocky trails, and peaceful environment.  The real beauty of this place can be experienced through the hikes and peace in the western ghats.

This is the top-visited destination for the daredevils. The best weekend is full of adventurous sports. From the Kali river to majestic mountains, one can enjoy any time of sports they wish to have and fill their weekend with recklessness.

Adventure seekers can go cycling, hiking, river rafting, canoeing, trekking, mountain biking, and many more.

Some of the famous destinations include Ulavi temple, Satholi falls, and Kavala caves.

When visiting from Hyderabad to the adventure center on your weekend, must try the famous fearless watersports.

River Rafting in Dandeli is very well known among the tourists.

Another risky activity can be done on the location of Magod Falls formed on the river Bedti. A perfect picnic spot from Hyderabad during monsoon.

These are the group of falls which lie within a dense forest. Trek through the forest and reach the falls for a cool experience and also misty in the time of rainfall.

A natural break from city life when still in Dandeli cannot be over without a visit to Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary.

A joyful place for nature lovers. Famous as the second-largest sanctuary in the state, this sanctuary has 40 tigers and multiple flora and fauna.

A long weekend from Hyderabad to Dandeli must include the gem of nature. Alone with the neighbouring Anshi National Park.

The sanctuary is covered with dense deciduous forest. Book a safari and observe the wildlife of the forest. Plan a whole weekend starting from sunrise to sunset.

Enjoy birdwatching, fishing, trekking, and white water rafting. If lucky, then one can spot the rare black Panther. The adventure bone in the body will tickle when you enter the forest.

Fulfill your weekend trip to the sanctuary by visiting the Sytheri rocks, near the River Kali in the sanctuary. These rocks are gigantic limestones.

These rocks are the perfect weekend and picnic spot for family and friends. The time to visit the rocks and have some peaceful time is set by the forest department.

Timing: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

The best time to visit all these locations and experiencing everything at Dandeli is between October to February.

One can plan a long weekend from Hyderabad and spend it peacefully here.


  • Yelagiri Hills

Experiencing the beauty of Yelagiri hills | Top Places & Resorts

Location: 732km in Tamil Nadu

Best time to visit: November to February

Type of attractions: Sightseeing, Adventure, and Leisure

A long weekend to another state from Hyderabad. Yelagiri is a small hill village in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Surrounded by nature, this hill station is rarely crowded.

Yelagiri is a completely silent and calm weekend getaway.

It offers a scenic view to the tourists as it is located over 1100 meters above sea level.

Famous since the British era as a Summer gateway, this hill station has been a gem of South India.

When in Yelagiri, one can spot rare species of flora and fauna in this quiet hill station.

To adore nature, visit the Natural Park of Yelagiri hills. Meant to be the best picnic spot for families. Spend your weekend here with every member of your family.

Visit the fish aquarium, the musical fountain with the light show, bamboo house, and many more for weekend delight.

The artificial fountain in the center of the Punganur lake works like a charm.

This lake becomes another preferred destination from Hyderabad which offers boating for the weekend.

Some exciting side of this hill station can be witnessed by the Adventure camps.

Along with the quiet and calm side of this hill station, there are some thrilling activities that can be appreciated.

Join this camp for some daredevil activities on your weekend. A long stay at Yelagiri and heart-pumping activities will make it a forever number one weekend hotspot.

The adventure camp is started by the Government of Tamil Nadu. With all the safety and security indulge yourself in the activities.


  • Horsley hills

Horsley Hills - 2 days trip, places to see, things to do (Chittoor - Andhra  Pradesh) | My Travelogue - Indian Travel Blogger, Heritage enthusiast &  UNESCO hunter!

Location: 528km South from Hyderabad

Best to visit: Winter Season

Type of attractions: Adventure and Natural

The natural gem of Andra Pradesh is the most visited destination from Hyderabad. The scenic beauty of the hills and the cool weather makes it the perfect weekend getaway from Hyderabad.

Horsley Hills or Yenugulla Mallaamma Konda is covered with dense forest with a huge variety of flora and fauna.

Fondly known as the Ooty of Andra Pradesh, these hills of Chittoor district attracts nature lovers and daredevils.

The most-visited place includes the Environmental park, Lake Gangotri, Hill Museum, and the largest Banyan tree.

For the adventure seekers, activities like wall climbing, rappelling, water walking, and many other activities make this hill station a very interesting destination from Hyderabad.

This place can be more suitable for a group of friends for a long weekend.

Away from the city of Hyderabad, hills full of greenery and breathtaking viewpoints are the must seen things at weekends.

When living within nature, one can totally forget the stressful life of the city. A tourist when plan for the weekend, they want the fresh air, chirping birds, and soothing views.

These chains of hills are perfect for the weekend away from the city rush.

More than 133 bird species resemble the native vegetation. The wildlife of the hills also includes the wild boar and the sloth bear.

With the large varieties of flora and fauna, these hills are the natural escape on weekend.

The temperature outside Hyderabad at this place goes maximum to 30 degrees and average to 20 degrees.

Many man-made attractions like fish spa, swimming pool, and zoo make this weekend gateway an easy settling destination.

Away from Hyderabad, Horsley hills have an altitude of 4321 meters and landscapes are one of the specialties. A weekend in the hills can be the perfect destination for honeymooners, friends, and families.

A unique thing to see on your weekend is the Eucalyptus tree known as Kalyani.

Known to be one of the prime attractions, this tree is 40 meters long and highly protected. From Hyderabad when planning your weekend here, do visit this ancient and majestic tree.

This photogenic hill has attracted much social media buzz, and when so close from Hyderabad the locals have found themselves here at most part of the year.

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